Sleep Medicine

Sleep MedicineMost of us think that Sleep is something we waste time on until we wake to do something more interesting and productive.  Sleep is essential for restoring our bodies and minds.  It is also essential for performance. Inadequate sleep is associated with driving lapses and accidents, which are recently garnering more news attention.  But sleep deprivation also makes it harder for you to think well – many of the symptoms of attention deficit disorder are identical to chronic sleep deprivation.  Inadequate sleep can affect one’s ability to lose weight, control certain medical conditions, such as diabetes and atrial fibrillation, and can even affect your ability to perform athletically.  As the author Robert Ludlum expressed through his character Jason Borne, “Sleep is a Weapon.”   The goal of the sleep medicine program is to identify those areas that are affecting your ability to achieve restful sleep and tailor a program that empowers the patient to address them and sleep soundly.