Bolin doing exam and teaching at Roanoke CollegeAnyone who spends much time on their feet knows how uncomfortable life can be when your feet hurt.  Some painful feet conditions are due to arthritis or nerve pain, but others can be the result of changes in the foot arch structure or bone alignment.  Osteopathic manipulation of the feet can often help reduce this pain, but sometimes, an orthotic – commonly thought of as an arch support – is needed to hold the foot in place so that it remains without pain.  There are many orthotics – some generic and over the counter, while others are custom-made to your feet.  Dr. Bolin has been trained to evaluate your gait and fashion orthotics for your specific foot type and issue.  Custom orthotics are expensive and not usually covered by insurance, so over the counter supports are usually recommended first.  These are 90% as good as custom for most patients and involve considerably less expense.  If you are a patient who thinks you might need custom orthotics, be sure to ask about whether they are appropriate for you and what other options might be available.